Earth is is humanity and all the creatures of Earth. We are going to apply some numbers and common logic to understand why...

Earth's Health and Your Health

The above chart is a 6 hour collection of the earth's magnetic field data from the ACE NOAA/SWPC. The data set I have circled shows times of volatile, rapid change in the  magnetic connection to earth from the sun. You, as a living being of magnetized light are connected to the earth's energies. When these energies are experiencing volatility, you will also. 

Usually, you will notice mild non-life threatening things such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, sore muscles, neck/shoulder pain or discomfort, anxiety, irritability, headache, joint aches, ringing in the ears or one ear, no appetite or the opposite, extra hungry during these times and mood swings.

There are many many variables involved in this study, but enough as been done here to determine there is truth in this, if nothing else common logic applies, you (we) are connected to the earth and we are going to feel what it feels, good or bad.

As mentioned earlier, some of those many variables include the individuals blood type, age, geographical location on earth (where you live), male or female, what you had to eat most recently and drink during these times of extreme variability.